Return Policy

Dawan’s return policy is the most generous and the most flexible. If you bought it from Dawan, you can return it with no questions asked up to a full year. After the year, you have the option of exchanging the purchased product for another product of lesser value (up to 50% of the original price).


Dawan Global guarantees all products bought from us with a 6-month warranty against defects in quality.

Dawan Global extends problem-solving for faulty products which either shipped in an unsatisfactory condition, or developed internal faults naturally during regular usage without issues of physical damage.

The Dawan Global warranty means we will repair your faulty item for free and send it back to you for free. Other compensation is not available if the product can be repaired promptly. If an item is impossible to repair to a good working condition, or would take too long to do so, we will next offer you an equivalent product. Shipping the item to Dawan Global is paid by the customer and is not reimbursed.

The warranty period begins from the receipt of the goods by the initial consignee. In the case of resellers, this is when the vendor receives the goods from Dawan Global. The period is exactly 6 months from that time. In the case of delivery methods or destinations which lack a confirmed delivery date, Dawan Global takes the assumption that the warranty period starts 30 days after we sent out your order.